What is Strategic Change?

Strategic change is the movement of a business away from its present state towards some desired future state to improve its current circumstances. It enables the execution of the strategy.

For example: one organisation wanted to move from being an operationally based organisation to a project based organisation, another business wanted to become the centre of information for capital projects, a business wanted to move from being a technology provider to providing business focused ICT services, while another organisation wanted to become an online service provider. The list goes on but the commonality was that each business achieved strategic business change and produced significant results.

The first step in the process is to recognise that there is a gap between desired business performance and actual performance. This gap may be recognised by the one or more of the following:

  • Inability to meet or influence business outputs and outcomes.
  • Changes in the external environment impacting performance.
  • A dysfunctional team.
  • Requirement for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • A decline in profitability or return on investment.
  • Business improvement required.
  • Requirement to solve a complex problem.

The strategic change cycle illustrates the key elements of the process

Leading and managing strategic change successfully

  • Change needs clarity and commitment of direction.
  • Change invokes conflict and resistance so it needs experienced leadership and management.
  • Change is time consuming and can be expensive.
  • Change needs to be managed and requires continuity of lead resources to ensure it stays focused.
  • Change needs to provide coherence meaning that there needs to be continuity of services while changing.
  • Change is not a prescribed set of activities and is specific for the organisational context.
  • Change needs constant communication.
  • Change needs to create or enhance value.
  • Change needs to achieve the desired results.
  • Change needs to provide a contribution to business outcomes.

Our Approach

To effect strategic change and maximise performance, Building4Business practitioners either partner with you to change and build the business capability as a strategic program of work OR work in your business as an interim executive/senior manager to change and build the business capability, mentor a successor and then exit.

In either approach, we use strategic program management and draw on our tried and true fundamental frameworks in the process:

  • The strategic change framework.
  • The strategic architectural framework.
  • The contribution framework.

The creation of value

Building4Business strategic change framework is essential to the creation of value, the realisation of benefits, the contribution to business outcomes and the realisation of the vision. Our framework provides an understanding of the relationships between value creating elements within an organisation.

Architecting the change and creating innovative pathways

ust like an architect, we work with you to design the solid foundations needed for strategic change. Building4Business strategic architectural framework includes organisation, resources and processes, to arrange all the elements of a service so that they put strategy into effect. The framework includes:

  • Organisation; restructuring by altering the form and/or management processes that are used.
  • People; the rational and political views of decision making and power.
  • Process; streamlining or automating activities.
  • Innovation and technology enablement; new resources to create new services and respond more efficiently and effectively to customer needs.
  • Information; quality information that is accessible by whoever, whenever, wherever and however it is needed.

This framework enables us to establish and develop the organisational contexts for change which are translated into innovative pathways and programs of work.

Implementing the change and measuring the contribution

Unlike many organisations, we continue the journey of change with you from conception to conclusion. This ensures maximum contribution to business outcomes and integrity of YOUR vision.

Building4Business also uses a strategic change realisation and evaluation framework as our business measurement tool to:

  • Measure and evaluate the contribution of change to business outcomes at nominated points along the journey.
  • Measure the realisation of vision.
  • Measure and evaluate the value and benefit contributions.

The strategic change realisation and evaluation framework provides transparency and consistency of results. It provides a clear and continuing focus for the change. The results from this framework enable our clients to clearly communicate the contribution of the change program.

Building4Business practitioners work with you to enable you to realise YOUR VISION.
We partner with YOU and build from YOUR objectives to achieve YOUR outcomes.
We listen to YOU and connect the right elements that enhance value.
We use logical, transparent and repeatable frameworks.
We deliver measurable results that quantify and demonstrate the contribution.
We draw on our high level of professionalism and integrity to work with you to drive and carefully implement effective change.

Building4Business has demonstrable experience with measurable results that have enabled clients to gain the best possible outcomes and realise their vision. Building4Business can help business leaders respond with the following:

  • We know the change has been successful and has contributed to the business outcomes!
  • We know the changes that are adding value and are effective and how they are providing positive benefits and efficiency gains!

If you would like some anecdotes from our experience or need help to respond to business challenges, please feel contact us.