Strategic Business Analysis - Future proofing your business transformation

Organisations are looking at different ways of doing business and many transformation programs are being embraced to build new capabilities, products, and services.

Effective strategic business analysis plays a key role in planning and review to achieve business outcomes. This may include the development of the business case and in providing solid foundations and roadmaps for the delivery of successful change/transformation programs. Greater understanding of strategic and business capability alignment, your cultural technology alignment and program transition requirements will minimise risk and ensure change is adopted, translating to greater success of delivery. Greater success of delivery may in turn increase organisational performance and maximise return on investment.

With our depth of knowledge of transformation, we can coach and mentor your resources or we can provide the capability as strategic business advisors. We have great Strategic Business Analysts who have significant experience in moving from strategy to execution and understand what is required for implementation.

  • Minimises overall program investment
  • Minimises potential programme overruns
  • Minimises business risk during programme implementation
  • Ensures change is readily and sustainably adopted
  • Ensures strategic alignment
  • Increases the likelihood of program success
  • Increases the likelihood of timely achievement of outcomes and contribution to business capabilities

Don’t become part of the statistics – 75% organisations struggle to implement strategy (HBR September 2016), while programs and projects have up to a 70% failure rate (Standish Group 2015), 40% of which can be traced to ineffective Business Analysis (Australian Institute of Business Analysis 2010)!