Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) Process

The Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) process is designed to build business capabilities needed to deliver on value and targeted at the stakeholder’s (internal and external) experience.

This means reviewing, refreshing, and packaging people, processes, and technology investments to pursue new opportunities while continuing to enhance the existing business.

Strategy Execution has been identified as a top challenge for organisations:

  • Only 37% of executives say their companies are ‘very good or excellent’ at strategy execution.
  • 66% of HR and IT organisations develop strategic plans that are not linked to the enterprise strategy.
  • 85% of executive teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy.
  • 95% of employees in most organisations do not understand their organisation’s strategy.

Not only is it a challenge for organisations, but we have found that one of the top challenge for programs/projects is moving from strategy-to-execution and is one of the top reasons for failure:

  • 75% organisations struggle to implement strategy (HBR 2016)
  • Program and projects have up to a 70% failure rate (Standish Group 2015)

Successful program strategy execution requires a significant paradigm shift for most organisations. It requires organisations define a program strategy, design the future operating model and organise work around customer value and time-to-market. Programs need a sense of urgency, to build or source the capabilities needed to deliver and implement as quickly as possible, by ‘learning by doing’ in an agile, dynamic environment.

We have found there are 5 critical steps in the Strategy Execution process:

  1. Program Strategies (several)
  2. Execution Roadmaps (
  3. Organisational Buy-in
  4. Strategy Releases
  5. Measuring and communicating Strategy Execution progress and success!

How do we do this?

  • Change Leadership for change led delivery
  • Practices, methods and tools that provide transparency and support an agile, dynamic environment
  • Continual investigation of warning signs or early indicators

Every program sponsor benefits from our Strategy Execution process and tools. The shared understanding enables the program sponsor to guide the program to success. Whether you are establishing or re-establishing a program, or a project, this process will increase your success rate.

Our services and products for the Strategy Execution process can be provided to you by expert advisory services or delivered through a workshop series. We want to share this knowledge with you to increase program/project success rates!