Project Program and Portfolio Management

Recently when we embarked on a cultural IT-enabled change project/program, we were informed that the success rate of these projects was only 19%, Smith (2003). Our successful and agile delivery was one of the 19%! The PMI (2015; 2014) shows that only 60% of projects or programs are successful. The statistics are not changing! Our organisational success rate of IT-enabled change projects and programs is 30% higher than the PMI (2015) statistics of successful projects/programs.

Why is our IT-enabling change delivery successful? We build strong sponsorship and stakeholder partnerships with you to provide the basis for the adoption of change. We also build the capability of the teams. Our experience in the delivery of IT-enabling change has been accumulating for many years. Throughout the delivery we transfer knowledge to you so that you can sustain the capability required for the continuing adoption of the change. We minimise your business risk from delivery and assure our delivery.

Are your projects/programs as successful as they could be? We can provide project/program professionals to lead your team or experienced delivery resources to extend your team or set up your EPMO to provide greater value to the organisation.

Project Management

IT-enabling projects are groups of related activities that implement new systems and the changes required to support these new systems. Projects in the past have typically been task oriented, managed using traditional approaches and focused heavily on the delivery of technology.

However this is changing in our world where many functions and processes are now outsourced and successful projects are dependent on people. This requires a new paradigm in thinking about projects and programs and their management.

We have recognised this and are delivering new frameworks, methodologies and products to support this new world thinking. We would like to share this with you to increase the success of your IT-enabling projects.

Program Management

IT-Enabling programs are groups of related or interdependent projects that are coordinated to achieve a strategic objective and obtain benefits and value which would not be available from managing them individually. The sum of the program outcome(s) is greater than the sum of the individual project outcome(s).

IT-Enabling programs are complex as they are multidimensional, span multiple functions and have multiple types of stakeholders. They need strong leadership with the authority over the projects and resources. As they comprise multiple interdependent and dependent projects, the priorities of each of the projects and organisational priority of the program itself becomes critical for delivery and portfolio balancing.

IT-Enabling projects and programs require effective sponsorship and governance. Project and program organisational structures need to be very carefully constructed so that roles, responsibilities, and processes are clear and the team is resourced with appropriate competencies. Programs usually have their own program office, or program office support, for the collation and aggregation of project schedules and financials to enable the dependencies and interdependencies become more visible. Collation and aggregation of risks and issues, coordination and administration of facilities, resources, procurement, training, standards and methods, contract management and communications are key functions that require coordinated program management to ensure successful delivery of each project and the program.

We understand all these complexities and have delivered successful transformational programs for 15 years.

Portfolio Management

Successful portfolio management and EPMOs and PMOs add value to the business. They ensure strategic alignment of projects and programs with the business overall, build the capability of the organisation in projects and programs and prioritise organisational investment to ensure maximum returns.

An organisations portfolio includes multiple projects and programs. The portfolio provides the organisation with a complete view of the programs and projects within an organisation, and this represents the organisation’s commitment of resources and investment to delivering its strategic objectives. It ensures an integrated approach to delivery.

In managing the portfolio, the organisation actively seeks to shape its work to optimise the alignment of the initiatives that reside within and align them with the organisation's goals. Optimisation of the initiatives within the context of the corporate goals is done with the aim of leveraging optimal outcomes. It acknowledges that there is a synergy created when strategic program responses are selected and prioritised in direct correlation to their ability to perform within the collective context. Each strategic program and initiative within its subsequently influences the shape of the organisations work and their collective potential to achieve success.

Is your organisation understanding the key dependencies and interdependencies of the portfolio and delivering efficiently and effectively across business functions?