Strategic Business Led Transformation

There is a very significant difference between Business Led Delivery and Delivery Led Change for achieving business outcomes

90% of strategy is execution, 90% of execution is people

“You can’t overhaul your platforms and solutions without changing your thinking and your culture”

- Brett Pitts, Head of Digital, Wells Fargo

Successful Delivery of Strategy is a global persistent problem - the facts!

“Complexity is your enemy…. it is hard to make something simple” - Richard Branson


of organisations struggle to implement strategy (HBR 2016)


of failure can be traced to ineffective Business Analysis (AIBA 2010)


of Project and programs fail
(Standish Group 2015)

comprised of
(Time, Cost, Quality)

SXP™ is a visual execution roadmap software for implementing strategy

The SXP™ Application has been specifically designed to provide the ability to create Visual Execution Roadmaps and facilitates the implementation of strategy in an agile dynamic environment.

Essentially SXP™ allows a a strategic change practitioner to Plan, Navigate, Collaborate, Communicate their program.

SXP™ Execution Roadmaps provide clear visibility to steer programs through the journey of strategy-to-execution, manage the impacts to the organisation and minimise the business risk.

SXP™ is very flexible, whether your strategy is building new products, services or business capability, SXP™ creates the visual Execution Roadmaps and put you at the helm!

Executing Roadmaps or Try SXP™!

Our Services

Programs are used to implement strategic initiatives, but programs themselves need a strategy and a process to move from strategy to execution. These programs invoke strategic change to deliver the business outcome. The change builds stakeholder partnerships that motivate adoption of the change. This results in a change that enables your business to operate in a highly performing effectual state.

Our focus has always been your business outcome. Your success and reputation is key to our business!

Our services can be delivered as part of your team, as independent advisory services or as coaching services.

Our professionals are seasoned practitioners with experience across many different industries and environments. We have extensive knowledge of public and private sectors, working with private and public companies and not-for-profit entities.

Change in thinking is required!.

Successful program strategy execution requires a significant paradigm shift for most organisations. It requires organisations to define a program strategy, design the future operating model and organise work around customer value and time-to-market. Programs need a sense of urgency, to build or source the capabilities needed to deliver and implement as quickly as possible, by ‘learning by doing’ in an agile, dynamic environment.

We have found there are 5 critical elements in the Strategy Execution process:

  • Program Strategies (several)
  • Execution Roadmaps (
  • Organisational Buy-in
  • Strategy Releases
  • Measuring and communicating Strategy Execution progress and success!

How do we do this?

  • We have created a compendium for the IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), which comprises 9 step s that provide the foundations to move between strategy and execution.
  • We have created a workshop series for practitioners to explore this compendium.
  • We have create TeamCollaboration workshop series to support cultural changes.

Want to know how?